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Featuring: Pinky & the Beard: Men's Personal Care

Pinky & the Beard is our line of Men's Personal Care products! For that bearded one in your life, try our Scented Beard and Pre-Shave Oil, Beard Balms, and Mustache Wax for a pleasantly scented, and naturally tamed beard and mustache. Our formulations are aimed at dermatological health, hair conditioning, hair growth, thickening, pore cleansing, follicle repair, and relief of new beard growth irritation. Sweet? Citrus? Refreshing? Minty? Clean? 100% Organic Fragrance-Free Beard Oil and Beard Balm? No matter what mood you're in, we've got you covered like the beard on your chin!  

Handcrafted Pre-Shave/Beard Oil:

Alpine     Ascend    Barefoot     Sunrise     Peak     Fragrance-Free 

Handcrafted Beard Balm:

Truffle     Fragrance-Free